Friday, June 29, 2007

I NOE!!! DIS BLOG IS SERIOUSLY SUFFERING A DROUGHT. but then 2 bad my com juz refuses 2 just get into blogger no matter how long i wait.

ok nvm about my shit com but anyway school has started liao(ya lar diddnt even post abt my trip 2 hong kong but was damn fun) n im feeling damn bored in class. everything is so boring and even more boring and 2 make it worse, dey rearranged every1's sitting arrangement. now im sitting in da 2nd row. i was sitting 1st row last time....deres nt much of a difference but juz not xi guan lar....haiz sch so boring dun talk about it lar....

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Monday, May 21, 2007

long time no post yes, VERY long time no post....i havent posted in more than a month 'coz if i want to post, i'll need 2 use my mother's laptop as my stupid computer cant load da blogger page...and im 2 lazy 2 post nowadays....spend most of my time on9 playing maple or doing my work lol...anyway i didnt go 2 sch 2day as i was sick yesterday and dis morning though im fine now....had fever, headache and backache... so sian stuck in bed w/ nth 2 do... haiz and i go 2 do my tuition work 4 tuition l8r 2night....couldnt get nyting done dis weekend as i was out da whole day on sat coz' of EDS night @ toa payoh HDB hub auditorium. i had 2 b dere @ 11 a.m. and went home onli around 10 p.m. da year ones had 2 do ushering, ticket cutting, ticket selling and backstage crew. two year ones was assigned 2 one debater. jev and i and a year three debater, chou tao were assigned backstage and we had 2 operate da curtains. it was a bit confusing as while some people told us to close da curtain some other ppl told us 2 leave it open. even though it was pretty sian but then we started lyking our job after a while :)

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

happy easter.....other than that,life is so sian....its 1 more day 2 a week b4 i lost my ipod....ya la im so pissed....but wat 2 do gone dui si gone liao ipod can onli be found if dey found it on da dat my ipod got stolen....but no hope of finding it infuriaiting....nyway if i do find out hu dat bloody thief is, im so gonna kill him/her.

It EndS aT ThiS 7:59 PM

Friday, March 30, 2007

da feeling of losing smth seriously sux....i lost sooo many things in this short span of 3 months! firstly i lost my haandphone battery cover, my (that LITTLE) intrest in chinese, then my "confidence" in math(it's nt dat confidence confidence if u get watt i mean)(i juz cant wrap my head around FACTORISATION!), my wallet (and found it in da end), all that nice meals (this maid cooks food dat taste bleh! and she always cooks da same ol', da same ol'), and then now my glasses. seriously. i mean my spectacles. i dunno when or where or how i lost them. and i onli found out today and i have not seen them for about a day. pathetic. seriously....anyway im having these BBIIIGGGG BBLLLLAAAACCCCCCKKK eye bags and DDDAAAAARRRRKK eye rings! they are SOOOOOOOOOO ugly!(ok dat was juz smth random...)

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

sry didnt post in such a looonnnggg time. @ least i found out which was da 1 nt working: my com(im using my mom's laptop now) so lets bring everything up 2 date. Todays da last day of da march holidays( boo!! damn y do dey hve 2 b soooo short?) n my mother juz came bak frm her business trip in santa cruz, california last night. ok more precisely today early early morning. she was dere during da WHOLE march sad... stuck @ home 24/7(literally!) with onli da computer n tv for entertainment. nt 2 mention tuition, tuition hmk n sch hmk. ARGH. if she had come bak l8r i seriously think i would hve died of boredom. nyway she bought bak TONS of thing! Sweets, chocolate, chewing gum unavailable here, wacky plasters, a cute pig( fake lar watt u tink?)and alot more. lolx. nyway i still havent finished my hmk yet so gtg.

It EndS aT ThiS 8:03 PM

Thursday, March 08, 2007

ya la i nvr post 4 so damn long liao....coz' da stupid account got some prob takes 4eva 2 load but lucky today managed 2 blogger was down 4 lyk SOOO damn long...nyway aft a long long wait da teachers finally gave bak our common test grades. geog: 12/15 clapclapclap! haha SERIOULY tot i was gonna fail. serious. chi: 55/100 C5 but nt 2 fact quite gd...ya 4 some 1 hu NEVER studied HMT or managed 2 stay fully conscious in HMT class haha... math: 30/50 dis is v.bad! so 丢脸 lor i nvr math so bad b4...nyway lucky dis holiday nt much wrk...well nt yet i mom will be on a business trip 2 da US during da entire holiday so i cant really go out unless wif my friends so going out is a MUST!

It EndS aT ThiS 10:33 PM

Friday, February 16, 2007

yesterday i went bak 2 visit my primary school.....woot! haha nyway i reached tampines @ around 2.30 but had 2 wait 4 kell until 3 s she say she dunno which bus 2 take blah blah. We reached sch around 3.15 liddat n met denise, mel, daniel, ben, caleb mah, clarence in sch. i personally tink i looked da nerdiest wif my stupid skirt which was so damn long n my bulky sch bag which was so damn heavy. dey said dey had already met ms ng n dat she made dem help arrange chairs n tables.!!!. then s we were walking out to mcdonalds 2 eat lunch, we met yang lao shi.
l8r @ mcdonalds, clarabel, tabitha n ave came. ave mixed ice and tomato ketchup n said dat it produced heat. wen caleb mah put his hand over da mix, ave pushed his hand down into da yucky mix. caleb mah then wiped his hand on ave's school blouse. so can dat her uniform was white. clarabel also took a tissue paper smeared wif tomato ketchup n wiped it on ben's shirt which was also white.(well most of our uniform's were white)he couldnt stop ranting 'bout it. haha. once we were done, we decided 2 go bak 2 school s more ppl were here. outside we saw jon n gabriel walking towards mcdonalds. dey didnt notice us until ben went 2 pull jon out. nyway then we went bak 2 school n met yan jie walking home. we all then went 2 meet ms ng in staff rm 3.on da way dere, ben spilled coke on my blouse.PURPOSELY.garrh. u c i so hao xing nvr spill coke bak on him... s we were going up 2 our old classroom, we met mrs lim our old sci teacher n oso talked 2 her. we then went bak up 2 our classromm. it was locked. dey had already started on da teranium assignment n deirs were much neater than our lol. we also found out dat 6/9 was a HMT class. so sad. i pity them...NT. aft dat we stayed dere 4 a while tokking. aft dat tab sugested we go 2 da mall n take neoprints. mel n yanjie went home s dey said dey didnt want 2 go.
@ first we went 2 pretty in tokyo in TM but found it 2 small 4 10 ppl. so we went 2 da 1 in century square.we saw jon n gabriel hanging out dere 2. watt da hell r dey?!?! OMNIPRESENt?!?! haha nyway outside da shop, we met kai ho, clarice, gilda n some other AHS ppl dere. so in da end we had kai ho taking da pic wif us 2. then ave had an emergency so we had 2 wait 4 sometime then we could finally get da pic taken. we messed n wasted 1 stupid shot where onli kai was in da pic. aft dat we had 2 design our pix. every1 was lyk "dis 1 lar" "no dat 1 so ugly" "eh take dat x.x face out" "put a border lar" blahblah. kai ho was da worse. he climbed ontop n was lyk ontop of us n kept going," stuck!"stupid guy.n he has seriously gotten waaaayyy more vulgar. then once it was done,(we had 2 share 12 pix among 11 ppl. aft open numbers, caleb was da 1 hu got it. kai took a neoprint dat he lyked n said he had 2 leave.damn him. but in da end we discoverd some small pix dat were nt counted n because every1 wanted da fireworks neoprint, we turned all da pix upside down n took our pic. some ppl got 1 while some got 2. aft dat we all went home save 4 tab, clarabel, denise n ave s dey wanted 2 take n girls onli shot. kell took da mrt bak while ben, me n dan took da bus. dan wanted 2 follow ben home. wen i sked him how come he couldnt go directly to his house, he said he didnt noe which bus 2 take home!!! so then he sked which bus 2 take home, i said it was da same bus s mine, he followed. so diao. aft i reached home, i was 2 tired 2 go on9. @ nite my mom summore sk me 2 go wif her 2 buy some last minute veggies n stuff. i onli reached home @ 10+ n hadnt even done finish my tuiton work dat is due today. well i still havent finished it. she really gonna kill me le....tuition in 15 mins...

It EndS aT ThiS 11:21 AM

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